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Dayanand.J this file lock your computer if u leave the computer for more then 15 minuter.then u must restart. Due to the way some systems display fonts, malicious developers may name the file something like Isass.exe (capital "i" instead of a lowercase "L") in efforts to trick users into installing This has caused a lot of fals alarms! Other variations include shutdown times of 30s and 124s.

Related Posts: How to Stop Windows 10 from Syncing Themes Between PCs How to Use Ethernet Metered Connections in Windows 10 Creators Update How to Install Themes from the Windows Store I have no idea how to correct this problem Jana Legitimate XP file, is targeted by viruses, is NOT a worm/spyware. December 12, 2016 Microsoft Introduces Green Screen of Death Exclusively for Windows Insiders December 29, 2016 Microsoft Teams: Hands-on Review of the Latest Chat-based Workspace December 12, 2016 Instagram Windows 10 Very rarely causes a lot of disk activity , but I think it's nornal.

kirk I feel it is a file which affect RPC and shut down the system randomly Trimay Prasad Aryamishra i seems that when it krashes and tries to restart that it Other processes that the user initiates inherit this token for them that says it a viruse are scare mungering, yes if it fails ur pc will shut down, See also: Link If it reboots your PC you are infected by a virus (also if you have a new computer, you just need to connect to internet to get the virus) when browing

i tried a fresh install and i cant finish it as it keeps giving this message... BEWARE!!! Mehmet Ali ALTAN Lsass.exe is not a virus Sawyer its either the sasser worm or its not the problem JoSe AnDrEs McAfee says nothing about this virus creating any file named Firon LSASS.EXE does not seem to be a worm but part of network authentification process; check system32 directory it must be in there Andres when i enter into the net it

See also: Link Marshall has a key in registry wich allows ir to reload each time you conect to the net. After this has been done complete the above steps. Well, all kinds of hell that caused. Visit Website A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan.

UnEmploymentDude it a very troubling exe as it frequently reboots the computer girija It is a SYSTEM file, which is absolutely not harmfull it self. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair lsass.exe related Windows Errors 3. Mat. I guess it is a fine point - at that particular instance it is not really "running".So, does Vista's taskmgr do this differently ?

Caution, Blueyonder will tell you to search for sasser files and if you find lsass.exe to delete it - don't if it's the legit one! http://www.file.net/process/lsass.exe.html Is there another way of running the update without going online irwinhkp Please help me email to [email protected] as lsass is in my C:\windows\fonts\lsass.exe and when removed sucks my system James Cruel Device As has been said, the worm exploits a bug in lsass.exe that causes it to crash. I have run one of the Symantec fix tool, but the issue persists.

Should you experience an actual problem, try to recall the last thing you did, or the last thing you installed before the problem appeared for the first time. Masud It constantly uses the 500 UDP port,, could anyone please tell me if this behavior is correct? As soon as I try to connect to the ineternet shutdown takes place after a warning message within 1:00 min Udaya lsass.exe is harmless, its been said hundreds of times, Its This is a core security authentication file.

this is system file this problem is windows file (lsass.exe)file is unable to process, or the file function is incorrectionly some causes.causes are I don't no. See also: Link ..:: AvIzOnE™ ::.. Kusanagi I blocked it in Zone Alarm (access & Server)...no difference Richard WTF people, it's killing your machines and you don't even know it!! download the tool to get rid of it.

you have to turn of the system restore for root disk partation and then restart the PC and during the restarting keep press the F8 and chose the " safe mode" Get cleaned up by running AVG free from www.grisoft.com Timmy McTimmunce LSASS.EXE is necessary for the XP OS. ujwal thaught it was virus but is something to do with logins harrister101 cause shut down in 60 secs chandan *sigh* People, it is NOT dangerous.

alfred It is a virus or trojan or whatever it is, it must be annoying!

  1. As cute as that may sound, it's kinda annoying when you can't get into the computer at all.
  2. period, process closed by NT/Authority it's still giving me trouble I have Avast!
  3. If the file does list one or more of the above sites it's likely corrupted.
  4. This virus will log every keystroke typed, and particular go after account usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive data that can be used for fraudulent financial gain.
  5. V.annoying prashant It is an essential Windows Process, if it encounters an error or is terminated your system WILL shutdown after 60 seconds and I know of no way to stop

After 60 seconds windows xp crashs. may be virus using this service too Gaurav Julka it shut downs my pc by giving waring before 60 seconds automatically.how should i overcome this problem, can any one suggest me This means running a scan for malware, cleaning your hard drive using cleanmgr and sfc /scannow, uninstalling programs that you no longer need, checking for Autostart programs (using msconfig) and enabling M. (System Developer) It stop others from viewing your file over the LAN Marc Lesther Not a worm - Sasser has different filenames See also: Link Sue looks it locks and

id1250 lsass.exe is part of the operating system with file extention .exe.hdmp or .exe.mdmp its part of the sasser worm virus. Teehee ISASS.exe: An invalid Parameter was passed to a service or function, How can I solve this problem? SivertDaHaX it works depends and shut down the system at random noman it knocked out my other computer, and i can't get back in frank cracolice Nothing except it can cause Tony Read the note!

If it is spelt with an "i" (or any other letter, for that fact), it is the worm, but if it spelled with and "L", then don't delete or stop it, As you go online, after sometime, the reboot dialog comes with a time span 60 seconds. Andy It starts rebooting immediately when I get connected to LAN, but it's not lsass.exe fault, the worm it self causes the close down Wild Finn This filename is used by Virus removal information can help determining whether you're dealing wtih fake lsass.exe or not.

Open up task manager, go to processes, click on show processes from all users, then right click on a svchost process and click go to service(s). I would suggest trying a better virus program and firewall. After dealin with it it has not come back worlay Well if it is not running from the System32 then it is the sasser worm, as long as its running from Troy This is not a virus, the Sasser worm attacks the lsass process and that is why your computer may shutdown, since the worm stops the lsass process from working Samantha

this should be either updated or deleted using a virus scan or an advanced spyware scan. This is a core security authentication file. i have the windows 2000 pro operating system and i don't know haw to get reed of this error sergiulic lsass is a vital system file which can be afected by If your computer continuously reboots because of the lsass.exe file, you get an lsass.exe error when changing your password, or you have any of the files mentioned above follow the steps

Try disabling it in Task Manager and just see what happens. To ensure that no rogue lsass.exe is running on your PC, click here to run a Free Malware Scan. Though I've thought this may be related to the PRC thing, I didn't think that they're directly related. It's essencial for nt platforms...

A look at lsass.exe in process explorer reveals it handles 3 primary authentication services in Windows: EFS (Encrypting File System) Provides the core file encryption technology used to store encrypted files