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I'll send it to everyone!

Submit Cancel Daxtshirts 2008-11-26T22:44:36-08:00 I too hate Microsoft. How Can I NOT Hate Microsoft and Internet Explorer? HELP!!! >,this contact form

People use it because they don't know any better--they don't know that it's a bad browser. I've used it on a 32-bit machine with XP installed, so I don't know if it's going to work on you computer.

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Hi Darren,


I've been facing the same Popup Hell, highly infected system! Help! http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/sitemap/f-284-p-78.html

Clear Cache Internet Explorer 11

New Win32 Regenerating virus Long Boot Times Help on frustrating virus/malware/adware Alcra F Worm/Trojan.PurityScan + possible other viruses Quick Question, Fast Reply Please Advise required on deleting entries reported by HijackThis Of course there were multiple ways around it, but that's hardly the point.IE got background attachment wrong, chopped up content, floated wrongly, couldn't clear properly, ... (see eg http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer.html or http://archive.webstandards.org/css/winie/ Submit Cancel Dawn (Wentzell) Smith 2008-11-07T14:08:57-08:00 So I haven't read every comment yet and don't know if this has been suggested yet, but get Multiple IEs.Also, to test in FF2 and My dreams of running dual IE browsers were quickly squashed, since apparently IE6 isn't even supported by my super-kick-ass operating system--Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. 2nd Attempt I've had a 64-bit OS

You will then see the policy under "Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update / Automatic Updates Blockers". Then I walked about 5 miles in my own house, as I went back and forth from the old computer to the new computer. Sapien sem tincidunt tellus dolor id. Clear Internet Cache Chrome about 20 percent of my client's visitors are using an internet browser that doesn't work properly, and I have to go out of my way to make sure my W3C-compliant XHTML

do i have viruses/other harmful sutff on my com? [moved by chauffeur2] urgent HELP please with browser hijacker win32.hidrag.a, win32.Rays...i dont know what to do... Did they already ax your design for trademark reasons or something? 1 2 Reply I don't see any results from that link. Its Better to Upgrade to the latest version so as to keep up the tech changes.

FF2 and FF3 this both too have problems. try this Se imparte a tiempo completo durante un año.

Because IE6 is still used by so many people I have to keep it installed on my development machine to make sure things work properly.

The biggest mistake Microsoft made was integrating Refresh Internet Explorer 11 It's not a very smart browser and you can almost bet that if you've got your site working in FF, Safari, Opera, and Chrome, it's not working right in IE6. Error when opening spywareblaster,code 4 I give up, I can't fix it myself, can someone help? [Moved from XP] [SOLVED] Error Message everytime I'm closing IE7 browser PC running slow spyware People who are intolerant of other people's cultures...

  • Take our annual turnover and profit, and that hits the bottom line pretty hard...
  • I dont know which one is worse Microsoft or Google (p.s.
  • And yup, IE6 people suck, but they mostly come from old hardware where regular updates are rare.
  • works perfectly fine with me.
  • They built an internet browser that doesn't comply with W3C standards, then they forced me to accept IE7 as part of Vista, and then they wouldn't let me have IE6!
  • In addition to the IE 6 headache, Outlook 2007 does a horrible job of rendering HTML e-mails.
  • Just use IE Tester: http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage This program enables you to view any webpage in any version of IE.

Internet Explorer 7 Free Download For Xp

Making someone code CSS hacks and workarounds so that something works in IE makes IE a bad browser in my book.

Submit Cancel Guillaume Voyer 2008-11-06T13:16:44-08:00 Except for transparent PNGs... https://moz.com/ugc/microsoft-forces-me-to-hate-internet-explorer Back to Top SEO Tools Keyword Research SEO Audit & Crawl Backlink Research Rank Tracking SEO Toolbar Local Marketing Business Listings Audit Citation Cleanup Local Ranking Factors Local For Enterprise Marketing Clear Cache Internet Explorer 11 W32Looksky Trojan Please Help Clean My Computer trojan horse downloader generic4.vol Vundo.trojan and Zlob.trojan , Please help ! Clear Cache Internet Explorer 10 Just have that animated paperclip dude pop up and dance around their screens until they download IE8.

Interesting how MS had to spend $10 Million to have Jerry Seinfeld try and convince people Vista isn’t a POS.

Submit Cancel Andrea Start 2008-11-07T07:44:37-08:00 I was going to suggest weblink Mine. You will be asked to accept the end-user license agreement (EULA) before you gain access to the package components. Living in Fear 10. Clear Cache Ie Shortcut

Just in case someone thinks I hate the Dutch or something)

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Nigel Powers Google: [to Goldmember the world] There are only two things Submit Cancel Jeff Sliger 2008-11-06T13:12:29-08:00 I feel your pain.Being a Mac user from the early days (think commodore 64, and Lisa) I was one of those who said Microsoft is the can you give me an example of a CSS hack you needed? 2 1 Reply Except for transparent PNGs... http://teknodroid.net/internet-explorer/internet-explorer-6.html Submit Cancel globusinternet 2008-11-07T03:10:11-08:00 Web Browsers are like Renderers of the HTML Coding done.As New Technology Emerges the Browsers need to Upgrade to render the Code properly and support the latest

Computer slows down:NOD32 detects Win32/Trojan and Win32/SpyAgent Trojan Any noticeable problems help stubborn spyware, hijack this log, help! Internet Explorer 7 For Windows 10 please and thanks. and the Dutch Microsoft.

Submit Cancel Guillaume Voyer 2008-11-06T16:52:57-08:00 Did you know that even FireFox 3 doesn't respect every W3C Recommendations?

Only problem is you can't run them both at the same time.

We still have to test in IE6 and even IE5 sometimes :| It's a horrible pain in the ass.

Persistant Internet Issue, please help Pop Ups + trojan.vundo Long boot times, sluggish response, and a disappearing cursor? Years later, I found out that it wasn't a bike at all--it was actually a shopping cart. Clear Cache Edge Submit Cancel + Add Comment Post Analytics Visits Pageviews Avg.

Just use IE Tester: http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage This program enables you to view any webpage in any version of IE. found at http://tredosoft.com/Multiple_IE 1 0 Reply what I meant was a free software from tredosoft with which you can install different ie standalone versions of IE. Interesting how MS had to spend $10 Million to have Jerry Seinfeld try and convince people Vista isn’t a POS.

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I too hate Microsoft. his comment is here Computer Running Slowly, DSS Log A Virus, A trojan, A Spyware.

Using reset css scripts will give you much greater control over cross browser problems.

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Try testing in FF2 and FF3, you will have just as much problems with Pop-ups and slow system start-up Problem with adaware.purityscan Plz Need Help!!! The truth of the matter is... Microsoft released a browser that doesn't adhere to the W3C standards.

I don't do all combinations - that would be silly - but I also use Multiple IEs.IEs4linux is good too.

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I prefer to use virtual machines (virtualbox